Warner Music Partners with Hulu…?

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Warner Music Group signed a content partnership with Hulu.  Through the agreement, Hulu with present artists’ pages that features their music and videos.

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I am not sure how impactful this will be ultimately, however, I do consider this significant for a couple reasons:  1) It shows another example of Hulu moving away from being just a video streaming service, and more of a full fledge media service that shares more in line with media websites than strictly video streaming websites 2) It is another example of Warner Music Group taking advantage of the digital medium.  In addition, as the article states, Warner, like EMI who is also a partner of Hulu for similar services, are two companies who have chosen NOT to work with You Tubes music video based website Vevo, a clear sign that the majors are outright trying to decrease the power and support of YouTube in order to work with companies that give them more of a piece of the action (ie $$$) and control of their IPs.  The Warner component is significant, but not surprising.  Since Lyor Cohen and his team took over the Warner Music Group, the label has been known as one of the primary labels who have not shied away or fought the digital transition, but embraced it and have been finding ways to make it work for them– something I give them much kudos for.  The question when it comes to this is– what is the goal?  I ask that because Hulu is still known for being a video aggregator of traditional television sites.  I assume aside  from the reasons I stated above, it is for the obvious– more exposure for their artists, but the question is how much MORE exposure will their artist actually receive on a site that has concentrated primarly on television offerings and not music?  More than likely there is a plan for it, because if not Vevo which is centered around music, You Tube supported or not, would be a better investment, at least from the outside looking in.

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Do you think Hulu evolving into a media outlet instead of just video streaming is a natural progression or will it work against the company’s brand?

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