Want to Watch Old Shows on Hulu? It May Cost You

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As Hulu and other Web television providers continue to find ways to help turn their companies into profitable businesses, one of the possibilities currently on the table at Hulu is to charge viewers to watch older shows.  At the moment, the potential amount is $5 per month subscription for access, however, no official announcement has been made on this.

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It is not revoluntionary.  As you will find in multiple articles on Digibytes, the name of the game in terms of online media is monetizing it, but doing it in a way that will not detract potential / current viewers from using the service.  One of the biggest issues that companies like Hulu have is that if they start charging for programming, unless it can only be found on their site, a user simply just has to go to another of countless sites to view it instead- for free. In other words, there is too many options.  And while they have a much stronger name than the others, it is not strong enough to justify a viewer choosing to pay for content they can get for free elsewhere if they are tech savvy enough– which many of the Hulu users are.  However, it is not just about the charge– as the article mentions, it is also about the amenities that may come with the charge.  It is the same reason why so many people will choose to download music via Itunes instead of a free website presenting the same material– what can/will Hulu offer that a viewer wants but cannot get elsewhere?  That is really the question.  If they can present an appealing package to sell to their viewers aside from exclusive content, they may have little to worry about.

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Do you think viewers will literally buy into this or will pass? And why?

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