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iCall confirmed that it has been given authorization from Apple to provide VoIP phone service over 3G for both the iPhone and the iPad.  This development has been in the works for a number of years, with AT&T updating its network in order for it to be possible over Apple’s devices. Apple’s ultimate revisions of its licensing requirements to enable VoIP service providers such as iCall to release approved apps for the Apple products sealed the deal.

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This answers my big question when it came to the iPad– with it being a larger version of the iPhone, why cannot people make phone calls with it, especially seeing it receives its 3G service through the same telecommunications company that houses the iPhone (AT&T)?  Well with this announcement, they shut me up very quickly and effortlessly.  In addition it also just shows that despite many of the observations, criticisms, and complaints that many (including myself), had with the initial iPad offering, that Apple definitely knows what it is doing and has a number of tricks up its sleeve that will add additional layers of tape over the mouths of people like myself- which I have absolutely no problem with.   Using VoIP technology makes complete sense, particularly for the iPad, and even from a cost perspective is more convenient for consumers.  Now all it needs is a QWERTY keyboard….yeah yeah I know, in my dreams.  Where’s the Courier?? That’s right– in my dreams as well (sigh).  Okay, I’ll reapply the tape again…

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What other expected feaures that were not initially announced for the iPad do you think are coming soon?

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