The Tom Green Live Show: From Internet to TV

The Appetizer

Debmar-Mercury, a production and distribution media company, partnered with television personality Tom Green, to distribute his hour-long talk show, Tom Green Live!, to broadcast television. The unscripted show,  150 already produced episodes, has been airing via Tom Green’s website,, and has earned a strong following, upwards of over 40 Million downloads.  The show will be released to selected broadcast markets first, and gradually expand.

The Main Course

The Dessert

While this announcement is old (and by old I mean, 3 years old), it is definitely worth noting.  Usually, you hear of popular shows going the other way around– being released via television broadcast and then being released via internet.  There have been talks of shows having similar release styles, proving their popularity over the internet before  being released via broadcast (remember when You Tube first came out??), but for a simucast of a live shoot, that not only is broadcast via internet and television, but also enables the viewers to interact with the host and his guests– that are all well known individuals– that is definitely notable.  Did I mention the show was shot in his living room…can you imagine the cost savings from a production standpoint?  Deals such as this, if this show/concept takes off on national broadcast television, will become a mainstay due to the cost effectiveness and limitation of risk for distributor- not including the creator’s ability to own the content they are creating.  Works out for everyone, including the viewers.

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4 Stars!

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Do you think this trend of taking television shows from internet to television will ultimately become the norm or will it fade away?

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