The Simplicity and Genius of Sellaband

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Sellaband is a new company/website that allows artists to completely bypass the traditional music distribution system and go directly to the fans for financial support for their albums. In return, artists can offer anything they want to the fans, such as t-shirts, concert tickets, and even more interesting, a percentage of ownership or royalties.  It is not genre specific, and even well known groups such as Public Enemy have brought their latest projects over to Sellaband.

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The sweetness of this company is in the ideology/business model.  In retrospect, this is nothing new.  Independent artists have asked for support from their fans for financing their projects before, however, a new age record company whose entire foundation is built upon this is something relatively different.  The potential impact is very long stretching.  Imagine in the future, an artists such as Lil Wayne or a rock group either launching their next song, or label, through Sellaband or a similar company.  It gives the artists complete creative freedom, it gives their audience a way to actually have some form of ownership  and personal connection with their favorite artist’s project(s).  The other door that opens is for fans to actually have some form of say in what the artists creates (if the artists allows it).  It also gives artists a much better idea of what their fans want to hear from them.  From a project investment standpoint, it is genius.  A label, if unsure of the selling potential of a particular artist(s) or project, can release it/them over Sellaband to see how much support it attains, ultimately cutting costs by the label, building support directly by the fans, and having a much better idea if the project is a good investment or not.  What happens if the next round of artist from popular acts, instead of going to record labels, they go to Sellaband, and through their own popularity, are able to help garner enough buzz for their artist WITHOUT major label support?  And in artist’s situations such as 50 Cent and Drake have proven, while radio typically plays whatever the labels license to them, they ultimately will play whatever their listeners want to hear.  Same goes for outlets such as MTV– they have to show what their target audience wants to see.  The point is the potential impact of a business model such as this and what it could do to the music industry.  It may not be Sellaband that ultimately causes the paradigm shift in artists/label’s ideology, but they are definitely on the right track and a primary example of what will ultimately occur in the future.

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Do you think a company such as Sellaband is the wave of the future or does the traditional business model in the music industry still going to prevail in the future?

Let the debate begin (below)!!

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