The Art of Gamification

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The concept of Gamification is to take the core basic elements developed and perfected in gaming and integrate them into real world products to encourage consumer purchase, usage, and loyalty.  The concept evolves primarily around 2 basic ideologies of gaming:  1) create an enjoyable process 2) create a system that adds value.  The article provides multiple examples of this concept that have been successfully implemented into today’s market.

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The concept of Gamification is as revolutionary as new media viral marketing models.  It has been performed in other forms prior to such as Rich Dad/Poor Dad’s videogame, the Rat Race, in which the purpose is to learn how to invest, and the game trains you how to think on that level.  However, as shown in this article, the concept of Gamification goes beyond just video or board games, but actually can be used for money generating marketing programs such as Foursquare and even government based programs that have nothing to do with electronics at all.  The concept is simple- make the experience enjoyable and add value.  It sounds like business 101, but business 101 only requires adding value, making the experience enjoyable helps, but it really is about producing results more than anything else.  However if you look at businesses such as Google who openly admit trying to create an environment that implements those two qualities, it clearly shows how the concept of Gamification can positively effect any environment, and/or product.

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One thought on “The Art of Gamification

  1. I don’t think that the pieces that make up Gamification are new, but the concept of Gamification is when defined as the collection of all the pieces. Organizing game mechanics into one collective thought process is what makes Gamification so exciting. Mass audiences now have a “check list” to create enjoyable experiences out of any experience. I’d temper that with making sure you implement the right mechanics for your site and be iterative on the implementation. A good foundation of analytics is a must so you can see how the game is affecting your users.

    At BigDoor (, we have created an API that allows website owners to add a game layer to their existing sites, which makes them more engaging and fun.

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