Young Adults Want Mobile Local Live TV- For Free!

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Multiple studies that were released from the Open Mobile Video Coalition, Magid Media Labs, and ABI Research, have shown that amongst young adults, 18-29, there is a strong interest in having access to local news coverage on mobile devices.  In fact, twice as many were more interested in local news over a mobile device than watching it on a traditional television set.  The catch that the study shows is that while they would be willing to purchase devices that would enable mobile broadcast viewing, they are not willing to pay extra for the content itself.

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Thus the dilemna.  CES 2010 revealed the next evolution of mobile television opportunity– technology that would enable individual stations to broadcast their own television channels via mobile streaming.  This would eliminate the need for local stations to be a part of a major mobile streaming network (such as Flo TV), and enable them to stream directly to their audience directly.  This, therefore, increases the potential for local stations to keep more monies in-house, and from a business standpoint, it opens the door for yet another market of competition.  The study above shows just how important local news is to the broadcasting industry, despite the constant attention placed on scripted/non-scripted programming– news matters!!  However, the catch to it is that based off of the studies, news for adults 18-29 does not matter enough for them to be willing to pay for it, whereas with the scripted/non-scripted content, they are.  So that is where the question becomes how does a local station work with/around that, which in turn, is of course where monies generated from carriage fees from streaming networks like Flo TV come in since it is subscription-based.  This, however, brings the stations back to square one again– relying on a major mobile streaming network- unless alternatives can be derived, which is very very possible.

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What strategy do you think will be most effective for local broadcasters to offer their programming via mobile without going into debt?

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