Sony’s Music Unlimited: Too Late to the Digital Party?

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Sony is launching a new cloud-based service titled Music Unlimited for a wide range of Sony devices, but initially starting with Playstation 3 consoles.  The  service will allow for users to stream millions of songs to their selected device for a monthly fee. In addition, similar to the music streaming service Pandora, Music Unlimited will “learn” its users taste and present music to them that may match their liking.

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Music Unlimited is an interesting concept for the mere fact that I cannot see the purpose of its launch.  True, it is another service that Sony can promote to enhance the appeal of their current/future products and systems– but why?  Why would a consumer pay for Music Unlimited when they can get Pandora for free?  The only incentive I can see with Music Unlimited right now is contingent on how it is used with the Playstation 3.  For instance, one of the features in the original XBox that was very popular with its owners was that you could, on various games, play music that you had downloaded/burned onto on your XBox’s harddrive.  If Sony does something similar with Music Unlimited on both the PS3 and the PSP, that would definitely be a selling point.  In addition, if they offer Music Unlimited as a subscription service that is featured in their mobile platforms such as mp3 players (similar to Sirius/XM Satellite and Napster) and their phones, then I can see some value.  However, outside their own products, I am unsure of how much it would catch on.  Even with their own products for that matter, I am unsure since from what the article states, it is not adding any new value or additional features that have not already been done before.  What I would really like to see is how Sony is going to distinguish this product from its competitors and make it more than just an additional feature, but something that everyone will want- especially since they are charging for it.

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Do you think Sony will make any money off of this product, or are they launching it too late?

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