Sony Playstation Trades Backwards Compatibility for Digital Downloading

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When Sony Playstation, in an effort to help cut cost for their once overly expensive system, announced the elimination of backwards compatibility to the PS3 (the ability to play videogames from earlier videogame systems by the same company– in their case Playstation 2 DVD games in the Playstation 3 system), a feature that they were the first of the major videogame platforms to make a standard, which also helped push Playstation 2 in becoming the most successful platform of its generation, it was seen as another one of many major missteps Sony was making in the development of the PS3.  However, this past September,  another rumor appeared and was ultimately confirmed, which has seen a slow and steady rollout since:  that PS2 games would be released as downloads to the system.  The change in philosophy did two immediate things:  it showed Sony’s now revised support for online-based services to their Playstation platform, AND it erased any concern people had about being able to play their favorite games from the Playstation 2 era.

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It did more than just soothe the upset of longtime Playstation backwards compatibility supporters– many of who initially purchased the PS3 because of that feature– it also provided Sony another revenue stream.  Yes, you can play your old PS2 games– but now you have to buy them again– albeit for a discounted price.  But as always, there is more to this.  Earlier in the year (which can be read in an accompany article) they announced the PSPgo– a new version of their handheld PSP platform.  Aside from a physical resdesign, the major change is that the system’s games are only available via digital download only.  The system is known for being comparable to the power of the PS2.  The point– the same games from PS2 and earlier (more on that in a few moments) that are available for download to PS3 will also be available to the PSP Go!  What this means– cross platform compatibility, a decrease in expenses for Sony and its publishers, and easier access for its consumers.  Now the point I was making in regards to ‘more on that in  a few moments’ is in reference to the games that could be available online because if their download service can offer/sell Playstation 2 games, what would stop it from selling PS1 games (which it now does by the way)?  And as the article suggest, like Wii, games from other systems not made by Sony, such as the article suggest Sega’s Dreamcast?

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Do you think taking out the backwards compatibility in favor of digital downloading was a wise move for Sony when it comes to their consumers, or do you think they lost supporters as a result of it?

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