NNN Proves People DO Watch Online TV that isn’t Hulu or YouTube!

The Appetizer

Next New Networks (NNN) served its one billionth video, a major achievement for the Internet TV network.  The network is only 3 years old, and has over 2 million subscribers over outlets such as YouTube and iTunes.  The company has produced over 8,000 episodes of content and launched over 50 shows.

The Main Course

The Dessert

This is a milestone not just for NNN, but for anyone who has wondered if a internet-based television network that features all original content can actually be successful in the likes of YouTube, Hulu, and the other major networks entering the Internet TV foray. The answer is clearly yes.  For the fact that this network makes its own content is rather impressive, making it both a network and a studio.  This also shows that there is definitely an audience interested in original online television content that is not viewable over traditional television sets.  In addition, it success serves as an excellent example of the difference in viewing habits when it comes to traditional broadcast networks vs. internet networks… Auto-Tune the News– I would love to see a traditional television affiliate station do that!

The Overall Meal

4 Stars!

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