NBC’s Digital Advertising Solution Initiatives

The Appetizer

NBC, like all of the major networks, are still developing their digital platform offerings in terms of content, and most importantly, revenue models.  With their models still relying primarily on advertisers, and the current return from digital content viewership not delivering ideal financial numbers, they are still trying new models to cater to their advertisers and take advantage of the digital platforms– in this case, the internet.  While many of these sound like great initiatives that take advantage of the platfomrs, there is one that really stands out: their data-informed targeting solutions.  Watch for this because that initiative alone may be what really separates them from their competition if developed correctly.

The Main Course

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Expect to continue to see a lot of this over the years as the digital platforms continue to evolve.  While You Tube still seems to lead the development of new revenue model initiatives for online video content, they are not the only ones making investments in this arena, as seen with NBC’s push.  Some of these methods have been seen on other platforms already, but the catch will be matching the right content with the right advertising methods and viewing habits of their respective target audience. The great thing is that once they figure out how to properly monetize the internet, then they still have the plethora of mobile platforms to do the same thing with  (I meant that ‘great thing’ with the utmost in sarcasm).

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4 Stars!

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Do you think NBC’s initiatives will catch on, or do they need to go back to the drawing board?

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