Music T-Shirts with a Digital Twist

The Appetizer

The “Music Tee” signed deals with Warner Brothers Records and Interscrope to offer special hang tags on their clothing that provides links buyers can use to download  special offerings upon purchase of the shirts.  The Music Tee, is a clothing concept developed by Girlie Action and Invisible DJ, that features an album cover on the front, and a tracklisting for the album on the back.

The Main Course

The Dessert

I do not find this revolutionary or even evolutionary for that matter, but I had to make mention of this because it is certainly different.  I can see how it would work.  A consumer who buys a shirt that represents an artist’s album would definitely want some additional content of theirs.  But again, this is just one of the many marriages of content that initially does not strike as logical– t-shirts and digital downloads?  But it works!  My reason for noting this is because it is another example of how companies are trying to take advantage of the opporutnities that digital media is providing for them.
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