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The Mobile Content Venture, a group formed from 12 major media companies, announced that by late 2011, they have promised to start upgrading TV stations in the United States, in order for them to deliver Mobile DTV.  They are targeting 20 major markets, accounting for approximately 40% of the US population.  If successful, viewers in those selected markets will be able to watch the upgraded stations on platforms such as tablets and cell phones in addition to the traditional television sets.

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This has been coming for awhile, and after the domination Mobile TV had at CES this year, I actually expected this roll out to come faster than this.  That is not to say that there are not companies already trying with varying success, however, the general public is still catching up with DTV and HD– and then there is the 3D TV, internet/tv hybrid systems such as Google TV, along with a slew of other developments!  I already predicted that 2011 will be all about apps when it comes to television, and I still stand by that, however, mobile TV will either come in as the second priority, or not be in the primary spotlight until 2012.  Mobile TV has a lot of opportunities available to it aside from just being a converted signal of already established stations.  There will be nothing holding a company back from launching a mobile tv- based television network, especially considering the number of potential viewers available.  The key will be the equipment.  Mobile TV, as it stands, requires antennas and special hardware installed into the receiving devices, while we can already have streaming television service over internet services such as 3G and 4G.  As a result, it does beg the question what incentive would a viewer have in getting back into the antenna approach in order to view mobile tv if they can already stream it with what they have?  The only incentive I can see at this point is that it would be direct access to local content, where as the majority of streaming television currently available is not local programming.  The question I have is if that will be enough to convince people that Mobile DTV is a worthy investment, and if it is not, then what can/will companies do in order to change their minds or maximie usage of the platform?

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