Microsoft’s Courier: A True iPad Competitor

The Appetizer

Microsoft recently revealed the prototype of their version of a tablet, named the Courier.  The Courier’s design and presentation is drastically different than what Apple and Amazon’s Kindle have presented to consumers, offering two screens that fold up like a book, instead of just one.  It is fully colored and touch screen, also relying heavily on a stylus.  Currently there is no release date for the Courier.

The Main Course

The Dessert

Now this is what I am talking about.  I personally was not impressed with the iPad.  It looked like a larger iPhone, and did not, to me, present anything about itself that made it stand out as something that was unique from Apple’s current offerings, particularly the iPhone.  However this, the Courier, this is what I was waiting for, and ironically was expecting from Apple in terms of uniqueness and capabilities.  This is how you make my head turn.  Buying an iPad- I will think about it– I need convincing.  The Courier– I will be there the moment they go on the shelf.  Microsoft is on a roll– Zune HD, Project Natal, Bing– the Courier is icing on an already filling cake.  It is not that I am pro-Microsoft, however, at this stage, to the consumer, they are not considered the innovators.  Hence from a commercial standpoint, they are the underdogs when placed next to Apple or Google.  Products like this, however, force people, and their competitors to take notice whether they want to r not.  The potential with this device is amazing.   The device combines the best of both worlds- stylus and finger touch.  Imagine reading an article on one side of the Courier, while listening to music streaming from it, seeing something that catches your attention in the article, ‘cutting’ it out,  dragging it into the other side, with your stylus or finger, and then sending it to someone as an email–  this device can do that and more!!  Just like the iPhone revolutionized the phone industry and changed the way people interacted with them, the Courier has that potential on the still growing tablet industry.

The Overall Meal

5 Stars!

The Doggybag

What are your thoughts about the Courier?  Could this really be an iPad killer?

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