It’s No Courier But It Is a Windows Mobile OS 7 Tablet

The Appetizer

This concept is another Windows Mobile OS 7-based tablet.  It takes a similar approach as the Ipad does for the Iphone:  Used the mobile OS and gives it a larger screen so more can be seen at once.  In addition, the article states that are a pair of joysticks on the backside of this tablet– AND– the stand that is used to keep it up also contains a QWERTY  keyboard.

The Main Course

The Dessert

I am a fan of the the Windows Mobile OS 7- a big one.  And I would probably be a fan of this tablet too, especially with the QWERTY keyboard it has attached which is the main thing I feel is missing from the Ipad, but the problem is that…I have seen the Courier.  It is like the article stated, it takes a similar approach as the Ipad in terms of the presentation, where as with the Courier, Microsoft took the same OS and found new ways to manipulate it to create a very unique design and user interface.  Had I not seen the Courier, then I may be more impressed, but unfortunately, I feel that this tablet will need to do a lot more than have the keyboard and joysticks for me to really consider it a viable purchase option.

The Overall Meal

2 Stars!

The Doggybag

Do you think this is a comparable replacement to the Courier…or the iPad in terms of design?

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