Internet TV Networks: Meet the Competitors to Hulu and YouTube

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Aside from the IPTV networks, there are also the Internet- strictly based television networks such as YouTube, and Hulu.  However, there are a number of additional networks that were developed aside from the two mentioned,  and they  have large and growing followings as internet television networks as well.  This particular article focuses on 3 of them and their ideologies on what components of their networks have made them unique and successful.

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This is a great article to read alongside the last week’s, as it shows the differences between an IPTV based network and an Internet TV based network.  Based on these two articles, one area both IPTV and Internet TV have in common is that they believe that content is king.  However, they also show a major difference in the same subject as the Internet TV networks rely on original content, whether produced by themselves or by third parties.  Their original content is the primary aspect of their branding techniques instead of functionality and capabilities.  While they, the Internet TV networks, are doing very well on their respective platform (computers with internet access), with the reach of Internet TV expanding to additional platforms, there is the question of if they will be able continue their success as their reach, and competition, increases; or if they will just continue to focus strictly on their current platform since each platform’s viewing audience, regardless if they are the same target market in terms of age and traits, have different viewing habits/interest based on the platform.

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