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Google’s expansion continues.  Now that they have made their stamp with the internet, and have taken a large chunk of the mobile market, the word is Google, with the help of Intel, Logitec, and Sony, is targeting your television sets. Tentatively titled Google TV, the platform would take their Andriod platform and  customize it for television, focusing on web apps.

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Before I get into this, I want to just note out the different strategies that Google has performed in the last few years: the purchase of You Tube; their development of multi-platform ad engines; their entrance into multi-platform sales for advertising (which includes television); their expansion of the Andriod platform from not only mobile phones but also computers; and their test entry as an ISP.  The ISP expansion in this case is particularly interesting because the internet is not only one of the ways how information is distributed to people’s homes, but knowing that the release of IPTV platforms such as Fios and Uverse, in addition to televisions starting to be released that do not need set top boxes in order to receive internet-based video/information streams– you start seeing a (potentially) bigger picture when it comes to Google TV.  With You Tube alone, Google has thousands of hours of content of various quality.  They already have a sales team, multiple platforms, an advertising engine, and now their own distribution– add all the pieces up and you have a full blown multi-platform television network that is completely self managed, tilting its hat towards Apple’s philosophy, owning every aspect of it from distribution channels to content.  While it is still speculatory since an official word has not been released, looking at the blueprint I just wrote out above– does it really seem that far fetched?

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