Goodbye Music Albums: Hello WebTechies’ Song Collections

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WebTechies, an Itunes App Store developer, has developed a series of Song Collection Apps that enable users, for the price of only the App itself (as low as $1.99), to have access to a collection of materials, in particular music from a respective artist.  For instance, one of their recent song collection Apps is “The 50 Cent Song Collection,” which contains images, news and access to the rapper’s entire music catalog.

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An App like this begs the question why purchase an album?  When someone within the same online store (in this case Apple’s) could have a choice of purchasing an artist album that contains 10-15 songs for $10, or purchase that artist entire series of albums, plus singles and additional media for less than $5, what incentive would they have for paying $10 for an album?  In some ways, the App ironically has the potential of doing to the Itunes music store, and other digital music download sites, the same damage they did to the traditional music industry:  seriously cutting into their profits, and being in a position to be the leaders of the new trend on how to sell the media.  Fortunately, in this case for Apple, this App is housed on their store, so they will get a cut of the profit either way.  There are a lot of opportunities that an App such as this presents.  The question is if it will catch on.

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4 Stars!

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If you have the choice of purchasing this App or buying an album, which would you buy and why?

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