FIFA World Cup 2010 Broadcast in 3D

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The World Cup in South Africa 2010 will be broadcast in 3D.  The president of the European satellite operator Eutelsat stated that this “will be the first significant testing ground” for Europe, where the sport of soccer is immensely popular.

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This is revolutionary, there is no question about it.  With 3D being added to an event like this, it says one thing for sure: that 3D is not a fad and is not going anywhere but into all of our homes.  Though there are many like myself who do not fully see a real purpose for having 3D on every program we watch in the future, especially considering that we are still dealing with the HD transition, there is clearly a strong push for it by the broadcasters.  I cannot help but wonder what many of them feel in terms of cost, particularly in the states, seeing that they were forced to upgrade (ie pay millions) to upgrade their equipment for HD broadcasting capabilities.  Now if viewers start demanding 3D, they will have no choice.  In addition, how will this effect bandwidth, and will this ultimately transition to multiplatform broadcasting?  While the article is about the soccer game being broadcast in 3D, the statement this broadcast makes firmly solidifies 3D as the not too distant future of broadcast television around the world. Therefore, it does bring these issues with it.  In addition, as the article states, 3D television sets are very expensive presently, but they are new technologies that can make current TV’s 3D viewable.  What does that mean– more money for technology and the in some cases wear special glasses upon viewing…and that is where I wonder how accepted 3D viewing will truly become because I cannot envision millions of people wanting to have to place on glasses everytime they watch a television show, or spend more money for the same reason.

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