Fandango Introduces the Mobile Ticket!

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Fandango, one of the leading internet movie ticket ordering companies, has announced that they will now enable their customers to use their cell phones as actual movie tickets.  As a result of the Mobile Ticket, as defined by Fandango, their customers can be completely paperless, not needing to print out or pick up tickets upon arrival at the theater. It is currently being tested in 8 markets through Reading Cinemas circuit.

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This is just the beginning– or I should say it is really another part of  the mobile-paperless evolution taking place across multiple industries.  Airports have already began testing a similar method, enabliing users to just use their mobile devices to be scanned to verify their flight tickets.  And of course there has been various efforts with coupons as well.  However, this is defintely worth noting, as it is one of the few that has officially been announced and is being rolled out currently.  This development is actually a win-win for everyone involved.  It cuts down on cost for movie theaters since they will not have to print out paper for tickets as much, same goes with movie goers who have gotten use to needing to print out their tickets before arriving to the theaters.  Now it will be as simple as ordering and pulling it up on their phone upon arrival– no lines (necessarily– it is to be seen how this will actually work in an actual movie theater) except to just walk in to the movie of choice.

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What are other ways you feel the concept of a ‘Mobile Ticket’ could be used aside for movies, and what type of security problems do you think may occur?

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