ESPN Gets It! (pt 1) – Digital International Rights

The Appetizer

ESPN has signed an agreement with The R&A, organizers of the British Open, to an 8 year deal that has a strong emphasis on multi-platform and digital distiribution rights.  One of the key and unique aspects of this deal is that their agreement includes what is called digital international rights.  What this means is that  they have, “Digital rights for all territories…live streaming of all events, expansive multiplatform highlight rights, television and digital VOD, interactive television and mobile TV.”

The Main Course

The Dessert

ESPN left no stone unturned and are clearly showing the they are taking the opportunites new media is providing seriously and intelligently.  They are a, if not the, prime example of one of the major television networks taking advantage of the impact and opportunities being offered by the digital revolution and truly considering the possibilities in the current and near future.  Between their deal with Microsoft’s XBox 360 and their announcement of ESPN 3D, they are proving themselves to be innovators and ones to watch as the digital medium’s influence continues to expand within the television brodacsting industry.

The Overall Meal

4.5 Stars!

The Doggybag

Do you think ESPN’s recent developments into the new media opportunities are smart, are being done prematurely?  Please place your response below.  Let the convos begin!

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