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The impact of digital publications are showing strong signs of taking over hardcover sales in the near future according to the Amazon.  Amazon reports that the digital versions of their top 10 books have been outselling their hardcover books 2 to 1.  In addition, they reported phenomenal sells of the latest version of their ebook reader, Kindle, a product many wondered if it would survive after the launch of the iPad and other tablets that offer similar and, in many cases, more robust user experiences.  The bottom line is that along with digital books, the Kindle is going nowhere and doing just fine.

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The big deal about this article is the fact that it makes it very clear that digital books are not going anywhere but up.  With the steady acceptance by the general public of items such as Kindle, Nook, and iPad-type tablets,the general public is also becoming more comfortable and inviting towards the concept of ebooks, and the Amazon’s sell’s report confirms that.  In addition, now that ebooks are showing profitability, publishers and authors are taking notice and willing to look towards ebook distribution as a serious revenue generator instead of an unproven test market. Amazon clearly made a good business decision in investing into ebook distribution early.  As a result, similar to the type of hold Apple claims over music, Amazon is the forerunner in digital books and will likely retain that due to the flexibility of its Kindle platform.

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Will Amazon be able to carve themselves out to be THE go-to source for digital books much like Apple when it comes to digital music?

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