Browser-based Games Have Fast Growing Audience

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Browser-based game creator Bigpoint announced they have officially reached 150 Million registered users to their service.  The company works with a variety of devleopers and offers its games for free, making its money off of microtransactions.  The article states that since January, their registered users increased by 50%.  The company’s CEO Heiko Hubertz stated in Gamasutra that he thinks, “browser-based gaming is the fastest-growing segment in gaming.”  With Bigpoint registering an average of 250,000 new users a day, it is very hard to argue with his observation.

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What is the main message here: browser-based gaming is profitable, has a massive growing audience, and is here to stay!  In addition, the contents of this article also touch on additional areas of interests and importance.  For starters, it exhibits another example of the popularity of Html 5.  The speed that browser based games are increasing users shows that Html 5 has a very strong future ahead of it despite some of the aspects developers are still trying to work around.  Considering all of the various platforms, games, and game distributors out there, for one company that exist only to distribute browser based games and have over 150 million registered users says a lot.    Online based games have been available for years aside from MMOs, however, many were fan made games, where the revenue models typically centered around subscription based and ads whether inside the game or around the game on the page itself.  The evolution that the online game environment is in currently centers on digital distribution, subscriptions, and microtransactions, with a large portion of the trends leaning towards the latter in the forms of purchasing in-game items, levels, characters– ultimately game value-added type products.  With platforms such as HTML 5, and now new environments such as Adobe’s Air 2.5, the streamlining and expansion of profitability for development/distribution companies has just increased and been made more easier because now their products are more easily available to their audience.

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With so much potential competition out there, will it be possible for a company to be profitable or will it wind down to just a handful of successful companies in this arena?

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