BoomDizzle: A True Next Generation Record Label

The Appetizer,  a social networking platform owned by legendary hiphop artist LL Cool J, “connects new artists and allows them to collaborate, produce, and sell their own music from the site.”  The company launched a package called “Want2BFamous?” Through the package, BoomDizzle Networks enables aspiring artists who are members of their social network to upload their music directly to Itunes to sell to potential/current fans.  The artist who has the highest amount of songs sold receive premium placement on

The Main Course

The Dessert

Now, in my opinion, this is the closest to what I have seen in regards to a next generation record company.  It goes beyond just distributing music online or having an artist website/blog.  Through the use of those elements just described along with social networking, they have created an environment in which the target audience actually helps determine who the label should support while also offering the artist creative freedom, and the label (in this case Boom Dizzle) limited financial risk. Let us not forget that for both the artist and digital label, the content is immediately profitable.

The Overall Meal

4 Stars!

The Doggybag

Do you think this is how current/future record labels should be designed?

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