The Future Will Be Televised- Welcome the BEP360 App!!


The Appetizer:

The hit group Black Eyed Peas launched an app called BEP360 for iPhone/iPad whose goal is to, “immerse fans in a 360-degree universe of the Black Eyed Peas.”  One of the features in this app is a music video for The Time.  What is unique about this music video is that it was shot in 360 degrees, and using your  iPhone, a person can literally looking around every area of the video, following the various members even when they walk “off screen” because the screen is technically never off of them, it is just a matter of what you want to look view at that very moment.


The Main Course


The Dessert:


The Overall Meal:  5 Stars!

The Doggybag

This is the stuff that I’m talking about! Truly revolutionary.  It was done for a music video, and in the music video world alone it is an amazing concept.  It allows for deeper immersion, variety, and personalization than ever before in this medium.  Each time someone watches a music video of this type, it could be, and probably would be a different experience.  For someone like myself, though, I am looking beyond this and more along the lines of what it means for the possibility of storytelling in the future.  Imagine “watching” a show like The Office and while you are literally focused on the main plot a couple main characters for that episode, maybe you want to see what one character is doing in their office or talking about in the corner.  It’s another plotline, and you get to follow it.  Now your story has deepened.  From a user standpoint, the option to get deeper into it and choose what you want to follow is enticing.  Some people may not want to get immersed and just watch the episode as is, and they would have that ability.  The bigger deal outside of the user experience is the development process.  While a part of me thinks, this is cool and definitely the wave of the future, from a business standpoint, I’m thinking cost, development time, production expertise needed.  In addition, when it comes to something like The Office scenario that I was speaking of, that means more multiple stories running simultaneously- that’s more work for the writers, possibly more writers, which, in turn means, more $$.  Ultimately, I think for users, it would be a worthy investment, but from a business standpoint, it needs to be cost effective.  The other side of this though too, is that if they change their business model slightly, it could also be more lucractive- much more- especially if it garners a huge following.  With that said- readers- welcome to the future!


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