Apple’s Airplay Brings Co-viewing to Apple TV Users

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Airplay for Apple TV enables the device to implement what media companies are calling “co-viewing”-  the ability to seamlessly view content over multiple screens.  Through Airplay, a person can view content on their iPad and/or iPhone, and then seamlessly transfer their viewing to their Apple TV, allowing them to continue their viewing experience on a television set (bigger picture).  So for example, if a person downloads/rents a movie off of Apple’s online store and is watching it on their iPhone while away from home, upon coming home, if equipped with the new Apple TV with Airplay, they can transfer that stream from their iPhone to their television set and continue watching the program from where they left it on their iPhone.

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The concept of “co-viewing” I can see the convenience of it, but I am personally not sure how much of a selling point it is.  Is the appeal of the Airplay functionality strong enough to  convince a consumer to purchase Apple TV?  I am thinking of someone who currently has a set-top box for their cable tv, a Google TV box for their internet-tv experience (or a Boxee or Roku for that matter), a videogame system, dvd player,– and has to purchase Apple TV box for Airplay functionality to go along with their iPad or iPhone.  Its just so many boxes!!  To me, it would be more sellable if it was a service a person could add, like a software download, to what they already own, however, this is Apple we are talking about.  Recently, particularly with their push into the videogame arena and their expansion of their app store to their computers, there is a huge opportunity for Apple TV that many are speculating is just a matter of time until Apple reveals Apple TV’s true potential/purpose.  Airplay may just be the beginning.

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Is Airplay enough to win followers, or just part one of a bigger picture for Apple TV?

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