Apple Claims Victory Over Portable Videogame Market

The Appetizer

With Apple’s ever evolving iPod device, Apple has already taken a huge bite out of the music industry.  They have made a strong impact on the movie/television industries  (though the studios were a little more prepared after seeing what happened in music), and now they have set their eyes on the videogame industry.  Initially promoted as just an additional capability for users to have on their device, Apple has steadily increased its push into the videogame industry, with major gaming companies signing on to develop games, and ultimately Apple providing  advertising support to just promote their system’s gaming possibilities exclusively.  Their most recent announcements have made it official: Apple is coming after the gaming market.  Announcing that the iTouch has sold more than the reigning champion of handheld gaming systems, Nintendo, and Sony’s PSP combined was major.  In addition, the extremely powerful and popular gaming development platform the Unreal Engine has announced, and visually displayed, its support of games on the iTouch.  However, the biggest announcement was their launch of the Game Center.  Described as a mobile version of XBox Live for Apple games, the gaming system shares similar features such as matchmaking and achievements, ultimately creating an active gaming world/environment that will keep players connected to each other at all times, and able to play each other when wanted as well.

The Main Course

The Dessert

I want to give it 5, but the truth is that what Apple announced was not a big surprise to many watching how the company has been positioning itself over the last couple years when it comes to gaming.  In fact, there are even gaming transactions that were made popular over the iTouch that were adopted into the major gaming platforms revenue model systems in recent years.  The announcements are huge enough to give it a 4.5 because not only is it saying to the world, we are here to stay, but it is also showing it can compete with the best of them.  The Unreal Engine is the same engine that powers popular franchises such as Gears of War, which have been known to have amazing visuals.  The Game Center is definitely the biggest news, and will more than likely be the primary component that really pushes the iTouch into being known as a true gaming platform.  While Apple did boast that the iTouch has sold more than Nintendo and Sony combined, the truth is that the majority, if not all, of the people who helped place it in that position did not buy the iTouch because of its gaming capabilities.  They bought it for music, phone, internet, and videos.  Games were a bonus.  Now though, that could change, as Apple is making sure that everyone knows it is ready to compete with the majors in the gaming world.  The main question is if they can convince the gaming world to convert over to them and consider an iTouch before purchasing, say, a Nintendo 3DS?

The Overall Meal

4.5 Stars!

The Doggybag

If faced with the option of buying a portable gaming system, would you purchase an iTouch/iPhone instead of a Nintendo or PSP system?

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