Adobe Streamline Flash Player Across Platforms with 10.1- Developers Cheer!

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Adobe, with the release of Flash Player 10.1, has unveiled a version of the extremely popular platform that will enable users to interact Flash Player- based content on both their PCs and mobile devices.  The significance of this is that, from a developer standpoint, they do not have to create more than one version of a program in order for it to run on respective PC/mobile devices– it is all streamlined.  Therefore, what users see / experience on one platform they will receive the exact same thing on another platform that plays Flash Player 10.1.  The new Flash Player is part of the Open Screen Project initiative, a group of 50+ companies, lead by Adobe, that are, “working together to provide a consistent runtime environment across mobile phones, desktops, and other consumer electronic devices.”

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Seeing how Flash Player is in over 90% of the WORLD’s computers, I say this is a very big deal.  While this announcement is old, it still has relevance as it shows the continuous efforts of companies such as Adobe who are aware of the importance of making their products multi-platform capable.  In fact, the ability for smartphones to view Flash-based websites properly has been an issue for years, especially considering how many business sites are flash based, and that smartphones, prior to the iPhone, were targeting business people.  There are still going to be issues because that means that people with internet based phones will have to download the new Flash Player onto their phones. Ultimately, like Adobe was able to do on the PCs, they will have to make the Flash Player an inseparable feature on a persons phone.  However, with an industry that has developed and gotten use to not having the Flash Player as an option, a  person has to wonder if Adobe waited too long to release this.  At the time of this writing, for the iPad, Apple has made it clear they are not pro-Flash, and shifted its support behind Html5; and Google recently announced their own codec, WebM, which could ultimately become a potential competitor to Adobe’s FLV codec for video in the near future.  What Flash Player has is thousands of pieces of media ranging from video, games, and music that all take advantage of the Flash Player.  Knowing that content drives platforms, if Adobe is able to encourage enough content developers to focus on using their 10.1 Platform, then Adobe should ultimately have very little to worry about in the mobile, and multi-platform, market.

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