Adobe Air 2.5 Streamlines Apps Across Platforms

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Adobe announced a new platform that will aid in one of the steady trends currently taking place in the media industry– multiplatform content distribution.  Titled  Air 2.5, the environment enables developers to create apps that are compatible across multiple platforms, including mobile, tablets, computers, and television.  The key component about this is that it enables a developer to create just one version of a respective application and be assured that the said app will be compatible with all of the platforms that supports Adobe.This ultimately will shorten the time, cost, and increase efficiency  for developers.  On the user side, it will offer easier integration and usability between platforms for various apps.

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Air 2.5 is a strong step in the direction where things are going because it is basically the beginning of companies being able to streamline communication and development between multiple devices.   In recent years since the rise of multiple platforms being available to the masses, developers had to develop and redevelop multiple versions of an application to cater to the respective platform.  This becomes costly and time consuming, and as the popularity of apps have increased, it is harder for a developer/distributor to make money off of them due to increased competition.  As a result, finding  solutions to limit/decrease expenses and maximize revenue  is more in demand than ever. Enter environments such as Air 2.5  In addition, similar to what Microsoft is doing with Windows 7 Mobile and Google is doing with Android, Adobe’s 2.5 is made to be cross platform, and/or serve as a means for multiple versions of an application to be able to communicate with each other.  Though still in the early stages, it is possible for multiple users to play a game against each other and each be on different platforms (ie. tv, computer, tablet, phone).  With Adobe on over 98% of all computers, and through its deal with Google for Google TV and other IPTV related platforms, in addition to its deals with various mobile platform makers such as RIM, and HTC, Adobe has already set the stage to ensure it will be a major player in the cross platform evolution taking place.

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