Taking Your Movies with You without Actually Taking Them…with…You…?

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The DECE, Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, organization is one of the primary groups leading the charge in devising a plan to standardize digital formats and distribution of content.  One of their goals is to enable consumers to have the same freedom they have with transporting and viewing DVDs without the need of having a physical object containing the particular piece of content. Their efforts have devised a concept that will enable users to purchase or rent a piece of content once, and then be able to view it from any platform of their choice through the use of online digital rights storage and registration.

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If it works, this could be revolutionary.  Not only would it produce a standardized format, but it would officially eliminate one of the selling points that physical items such as DVDs still have over the digital medium.  It ideally would not require for a person to have any additional devices (such as a set top box), additional cables, or multiple encodings of a product.  There are a few aspects to consider though and they both pertain to the online digital rights storage concept.  The first is how to access that content, meaning will a user have to input a username/password each time they want to access the content.  Will people want to regularly go online to a portal, then type in a username and password before watching a movie every time? Will consumers really prefer that process instead of just placing a physical disc into a player and pressing play? The second is if it is stored on servers online, will they immediately, or ultimately, begin to charge consumers a storage fee of that content, or will it be included in the price of the media, ultimately causing a price to increase?  The third is what if a person is in an area where there is bad or no online service?  And ultimately, if it is being stored online, then unless the content will be downloaded to each platform whenever a viewer wants to watch it (which in itself could be an issue if that is an option), he content is going to be streamed live.  So what happens if the connection speed on the particular device is slower than others?  In theory, the concept is great and could really have a major impact.  However, like most things, it is about the actual implementation and how well the target audience will warm up to it.

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If you had a choice of carrying a copy of a movie with you on physical item (such as a DVD) or keeping it stored online, which would you choose and why?

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