Digibytes 4u is a website catered to individuals who are interested in learning about new technologies, strategies, and developments that are changing the media (television, film, music, videogames, books, etc) industries in relation to the digital age, and the potential future impacts of these evolutions.

The postings you will find on Digibytes 4u are a combination of articles and insightful opinionated editorials, talking about the latest innovations that have been announced and/or released in the last few years, spanning over multiple industries, and how/why they are, or may be, important to the future of the overall media industry.

The articles are broken down as follows:

1) The Appetizer– Overview of the story.

2) The Meal– A link to the referenced article or source.

3) The Dessert– This is where insight is expressed by the writer about the significance of the story– basically why was this story chosen instead of something else.

4) The Overall Meal– This rates the potential impact on a 5 Star scale.  The ratings read as follows:

1 Star- Entertaining Read

2 Star- Interesting Read

3 Star- One to keep an eye on in the future

4 Star- Very important / impactful / innovative

5 Star- Revolutionary / game changing

5) The Doggybag– This is where  a question is posed based on the article, and YOU (the reader) can express your opinions, insights, arguments, etc. below it. Please be mindful of the language and content used in the commentary area in respect to other readers, as this section is meant to encourage fun, thought provoking dialogue where individuals with similar relative interests can express themselves.

With that said– dig in!!

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