2011: The Year of TV Apps

The Appetizer

In 2011, Yahoo! will be making a major push of its Connected TV widget platform through the selling of apps.  Currently, Connected TV is available on multiple television sets by companies such as Sony and LG, however, the apps available have been free.  With the launch of Google’s Google TV service, Google’s recent announcement that their Apps Market will be integrated into the service, and the current pursuit of various IPTV based set-top box distributors developing/ announcing app-style stores for their systems, Yahoo! is making sure it is not left behind and will be pushing forward with their system around the same time everyone else’s will become available to the public

The Main Course

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Apps are the future.  First it was on mobile phones in the last 2-3 years. In 2010, apps became a primary component of the tablet movement taking place, and has been slowly becoming more integrated and common in traditional computer and videogame platforms.  Now television is next.  After television has been hit with so many changes in the last 5 years with digital TV, HDTV, 3D TV, IPTV, and multiplatform distribution, we now have apps, further pushing the ability of personalization for consumers on the respective platforms, and for developers, profitability.  I have written about this, and ironically it was regarding Yahoo!’s push into this realm, when this site first launched, however, this is “push” of theirs in 2011 is significant because they will not be alone.  Much like this year when we saw the clearly and undeniable divisions drawn between Internet TV and IPTV services and companies, and the undeniable reality that IPTV technologies are slowly becoming standard and ultimately the primary means of television distribution in the future, in 2011, the focus will be television app integration.  Apps will not only increase the ability for personalization, but also communication, and profitability.  This article mentioned  Google TV’s Market, but not the technology underneath it– Android– that is setting the stage for the convergence of all of these developments just mentioned– which includes the apps. Yahoo! is presenting itself along the lines of  an alternative/competitor to Apple/Google/Microsoft/Adobe’s apps systems, however, unlike the others, Yahoo! is not developing underlying technologies to create an environment to help facilitate the transition which would ultimately allow them more control/input.

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Will Yahoo! ultimately be able to compete against the companies with tv apps since those companies are vying to not just control the distribution market of apps, but also the environment in which viewers experience them?

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