VOIP for the iPad

The Appetizer iCall confirmed that it has been given authorization from Apple to provide VoIP phone service over 3G for both the iPhone and the iPad.  This development has been in the works for a number of years, with AT&T updating its network in order for it to be possible over Apple’s devices.

Introducing Windows Mobile OS 7!!

The Appetizer Windows Mobile OS 7 has officially been announced.  With it comes a  number of surprises.  First of all, it is a completely new Windows OS.  It looks, moves, and functions nothing like the previous Windows Mobile OS.  It is made purely for smartphone/touch screen usabilty in mind, not just as a featured add […]

Wi-Fi Next Target: Cars- Look Out 3G!

The Appetizer Wi-Fi in automotive vehicles is not anything new.  It is slowly being launched in major vehicles that carry large amounts of people over the last few years including airplanes, trains, and buses.  3G devices were a major push this past year for automotive-type internet connections through cell phone service providers via data plans, […]